Site News - May 2005

May Update (posted 6/7/2005): There hasn't been much time since the last update, but my family and I are heading on vacation, so I figured that I would post what I had been able to finish. I now have boxscores through July 13, against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Those boxscores are now available through the day-by-day page. I've also notices a minor glitch on that page that I will try to fix while on vacation (I'm thankful for laptops!).


Boone to Be Honored: It was announced last week that Bob Boone, catcher for the Phillies from 1972-1981, would be honored by being placed on the Phillies' Wall of Fame during the Alumni weekend. He will be honored before the August 5 game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Boone, who also played for the California Angels and Kansas City Royals during a 19-year career. A four-time All-Star and seven-time Gold Glove winner as a catcher, Boonee was a lifetime .254 hitter with 105 home runs and 826 RBI. Here is the Bob Boone page on this website.


Problems?: If there are any problems getting to a page on the site, please e-mail me at (address obsolete). As of right now, there are pages for every link on the site.


Wanted: Any and all articles that pertain to the 1980 Phillies, or any players on the roster from that year. If you have some to donate/lend/sell/steal please e-mail me. I am particularly interested in newspaper articles about the games themselves. I have a lot of "celebration" articles, but have found that searching for game descriptions can be a headache!


Future Updates: I will be on Vacation for much of June, so this update is smaller than usual. The next update will not be until early July, as I will not have easy internet access while away from home. For most of the month I will continue to work on the boxscores for July. I am also still desiring to create an individual page for the front office (Ruly Carpenter and Paul Owens) and for Dallas Green. I have also located a new source of articles, and I'll be adding them after completing the other jobs. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on the website, please e-mail me.


Go Phillies!
Richard Summers