Site News - February 2006

February Update: Unfortunately, Real Life reared it's busy head the past two months, and I have not been able to make any substantial updates since January. There have been a few small tweaks here and there, but nothing that has been added or radically changed.


Spring Training!: The time of eternal optimism is here! All the players are in camp, preparing for the upcoming season. The Phils start their spring schedule this week, and there is only a month before the season starts.


World Baseball Classic: Several Phillies are among the players that have committed to the new World Baseball Classic tournament. Bobby Abreu and Tomas Perez are playing for Venezuela. Eude Brito and Robinson Tejeda are pitching for the Dominican Republic. Carlos Ruiz is representing Panama. Rheal Cormier, Scott Mathieson and Aaron Myette are suiting up for Canada. And Chase Utley is playing for the United States. Jimmy Rollins was not among the 20 that were asked to play for the United States.


Phils Acquire Nunez, Rhodes: Trying to add depth to the bench, the Phils acquired an infielder. Alex S. Gonzales, last with the Cubs, signed on February 8. The Phils also traded outfielder Jason Michaels to Cleveland in return for Arthur Rhodes. Rhodes is expected to be a set-up man to get to new closer Tom Gordon.


Problems?: If there are any problems getting to a page on the site, please e-mail me at 1980phillies (address obselete). As of right now, there are pages for every link on the site.


Wanted: Any and all articles that pertain to the 1980 Phillies, or any players on the roster from that year. If you have some to donate/lend/sell/steal please e-mail me. I am particularly interested in newspaper articles about the games themselves. I have a lot of "celebration" articles, but have found that searching for game descriptions can be a headache!


Future Updates: With so little time to work on the website recently, I have not gotten around to fixing those annoying little formatting errors that keep the site from looking its best. I will be (hopefully!) working on that over the next couple of months. I also have new articles to transcribe into the website. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on the website, please e-mail me.


Go Phillies!
Richard Summers