Site News - May 2007

May Update: Time was very short this month, but I did manage to add six new articles on the website. I decided to concentrate on the final Phils-Expos series. Actually, I originally wanted to do articles on the last of the Phils-Cubs four-game series that pulled the Phillies into a tie with the Expos, but came up virtually empty. Even the Doylestown Daily-Intelligencer (the one Philly area archive currently available on my site) that listed the Phils-Cubs score in the subheadline actually had ZERO details about the game in the article. But I did find a variety of AP and UPI articles leading into the Phils-Expos series. You can find the new articles by themselves, or browse the extensive articles page.


New Phillies Fan: There were two main reasons for my lack of time this month. One is the usual end-of-the-school-year crunch that takes up all available time. But, this year even that took a back seat to the birth of my second child, a daughter born on May 15. She's already watched several Phillies games with her daddy, so she has already learned frustration.


Phils Back To .500: After the terrible start (does that sound familiar?), the Phillies had a great month of May to pull their win-loss mark to even. Yes, the Phillies once again have achieved mediocrity. Following a Phillies sweep of the hated rival Atlanta Braves, they actually were two games above .500, but are now again below the mark following a three-game sweep by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Back to the drawing board.


Utley Possible All-Star: One of the bright spots of the Phils' lineup this year has been Chase Utley. The young second baseman currently leads the voting for his poition on the National Leauge All-Star team. Voting will end on June 28 and can be done online on


Newspaper Archive: The articles added to the website database this month come from This website has a large archive or newspapers from a variety of newspapers from around the world. I have found it helpful to work on this site. It is a pay site (just shy of $10 per month), but it does have some free features if you'd like to check it out.


Problems?: If there are any problems getting to a page on the site, please e-mail me at 1980phillies (address obsolete). As of right now, there should be pages for every link on the site.


Wanted: Any and all articles that pertain to the 1980 Phillies, or any players on the roster from that year. If you have some to donate/lend/sell/steal please e-mail me. Copies are wonderful! I am particularly interested in getting articles during the season from the Philadelphia newspapers (unfortunately, do not have any Philadelphia newspapers). Anyone that has copies of the Inquirer or the Daily News please contact me.


Future Updates: Normally I have some extra time to work on the website during the summer to devote to major improvements, but that may not be the case this year. I am hoping to make the planned (in the best tradition of John Steinbeck) overhaul of the articles pages. I will continue to attempt to add at least 3-5 new articles each month. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on the website, please e-mail me.


Go Phillies!
Richard Summers