Site News - April 2008

April Update: A very busy month (as usual in the early spring), but I did manage to squeeze in seven new article, all from the October 14, 1980 edition of the Doylestown Daily Intelligencer. Preparing for Game One of the World Series, there are several article on the Kansas City Royals, as well as the Phillies. You can find the articles by title (the old article page), by month, the new articles page, and by game (the day-by-day boxscore pages).


Phils Out of the Gate: Well... I wouldn't exactly say "charging," but at least the team isn't the compelte disaster they have been the past few Aprils. Including today's loss to the Pirates, the Phils currently stand14-12. Last April, the Phils finished 11-14.


Rollins, Victorino Injured: The Phils' April has been hindered by injuries to the top two men in the order. Jimmy Rollins tried for several weeks to play on a sprained ankle before finally going on the disabled list on April 20. Shane Victorino has been on the DL since April 13 with a strained right calf.


Current Standings: The Phillies are sititng in 3rd place, 1 game behind the Florida Marlins, at 14-12.


MLB Debut: Due to injuries, the Phils' Brad Harmon made his major league debut on April 22 against the Colorado Rockies, pinch-hitting for Ryan Madson. He made his first start at second base on April 25 againts the Pittsburgh Pirates, going 1-for-3. Harmon is a 22-year-old infielder from Australia. Also due to injury, T.J. Bohn made his return to the major leauges as a fifth outfielder. Bohn, who enjoyed a cup of coffee with the Mariners in 2006, made his Phillies debut on April 20 against the Mets. He has appeared in 7 games, mostly as a pinch-runner and a defensive replacement for Pat Burrell, and has gone 1-for-3.


Newspaper Archive: The articles added to the website database this month come from This website has a large archive or newspapers from a variety of newspapers from around the world. I have found it helpful to work on this site. It is a pay site (just shy of $10 per month), but it does have some free features if you'd like to check it out.


New E-Mail: If there are any problems getting to a page on the site, please e-mail. The e-mail has changed, and is embedded in the graphic below for security purposes (Note:  use "contact" section of new website).



Wanted: Any and all articles that pertain to the 1980 Phillies, or any players on the roster from that year. If you have some to donate/lend/sell/steal please e-mail me. Copies are wonderful! I am particularly interested in getting articles during the season from the Philadelphia newspapers (unfortunately, do not have any Philadelphia newspapers). Anyone that has copies of the Inquirer or the Daily News please contact me.


Future Updates: I've been able to maintain my momentum of adding at least 3-5 (and usually more) articles a month to the site database. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on the website, please e-mail me. For next month I will probably work to add more articles on Game 1 of the World Series.


Go Phillies!
Richard Summers