Site News - February 2010

February Update: I had a little extra time earlier this month and was able to put in a bunch of articles, as well as finish the May boxscores.  This month’s work means that I am at about 60% of the articles from the old site being up, and am making progress for the boxscores.  Putting in the old articles is mainly a cut-and-paste job, as I already had files created from the old site, though a few had editing errors (that’s what you get for free!) that I was able to catch and fix.  I don’t know if I can keep up this pace, but I am on track to enter the existing articles by June.  At that point, new articles will take much longer.  Boxscores take a bit more time, as the old website’s formatting has to be adjusted for the new site.  It’s more like a cut-and-paste to Excel, do some editing, cut and paste to Word (with extra text), edit and put in the final font, and then cut-and-paste.  Also, I am attempting to add a picture (from each game if possible, thanks to, and that takes up more time.  We’re trucking along, though, just like the Phils the past few years.


RSS Feed: In case you hadn’t noticed, there is an RSS Phillies feed along the left margin of the page.  Because of the feed, which is updates much more often than my site news page, I have come to the conclusion that it is redundant for me to put “Phils news” on here.  Therefore, I’ll keep this space solely for site news, and let the RSS feed keep you up to date on our favorite team.


No Music:  One of the things that really attracted me to jimdo was having the ability to easily put some music on the website, as I had been able to acquire a digital copy of McFadden and Whitehead’s Phillies version of “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now,” which was perfect.  Unfortunately, some differences of opinion ( and copyright law) between the US and Jimdo have caused the company to stop the service that allowed the music to be on the site to US customers.  Perhaps this summer I will be able to make a slideshow with the song and put it on Youtube, as soon as my schedule eases up!


Newspaper Archive: Many of the articles added to the website database this month come from This website has a large archive or newspapers from a variety of newspapers from around the world. I have found it helpful to work on this site. It is a pay site, but it does have some free features if you'd like to check it out.


Wanted: Any and all articles that pertain to the 1980 Phillies, or any players on the roster from that year. If you have some to donate/lend/sell/steal please e-mail me. Copies are wonderful! I am particularly interested in getting articles during the season from the Philadelphia newspapers (unfortunately, do not have any Philadelphia newspapers). Anyone that has copies of the Inquirer or the Daily News please contact me.  I am also looking for any youtube videos from the 1980 season, as Jimdo allows easy connection to these videos.


Future Updates: We’re still playing catch-up to the old site, and will be for at least most of the spring.  I will more than likely continue to divide my time between adding boxscore descriptions and articles from the 1980 season.


Go Phillies!

Richard Summers