Site News - January 2012

RIP Andy Musser:  The Phils’ family suffered a loss this month with the passing of longtime broadcaster Andy Musser.  Musser, who called Phillies games behind Harry Kalas for a quarter of a century, passed away peacefully at his New Jersey home.  You can find a tribute article for the time being on the front page of the website, and permanently from the “Tributes” link.


January Update: I have to trudge out the same excuse this month:  Too busy for major work on the website (it took me nearly a week to make a proper Musser tribute article!).  Still struggling to find a few minutes to work on the site – I managed to add a few articles here and there, but mainly just held the status quo.


Re-adding Soundclips and Video: I did finally make one quick sound clip “video” on YouTube – one to honor my favorite call from Andy Musser:  the Mike Schmidt homerun in the 10th inning of the Phils’ game against the Montreal Expos.  You can find it on the boxscore page for that Oct. 4 game.


Still looking for digital pictures: Yes, I am still wanting to create some kind of video for the 1980 team. I am still looking for high-res digital pictures to create a video presentation to put on the website with the song “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now,” which was created for the Phillies during the 1980 World Series. If you have something (for free – I’m poor!), please let me know through the contact section.


Internet News Articles: Sadly, my access to internet-based articles is shrinking! A few months ago I let my subscription to lapse due to budgetary concerns. Recently, Google decided to end their foray into newspaper archiving. As of right now, the ones they had are still available, and I will use them as long as I possibly can. However, the archive search function has been removed, and it may be harder to find new articles.


Wanted: I am still looking for any and all articles from the 1980 season – particularly from the Philadelphia papers. Anyone that has copies of the Inquirer or the Daily News please contact me – scans are fine by me. I am also looking for any YouTube videos from the 1980 season, as Jimdo allows easy connection to these videos.


Future Updates: The boxscores are moved to the new locations – I am trying to add daily MLB scoreboard, standings and transactions page for each date. I also hope to (eventually!) finish the “music video” with the Phillies version of “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” at some point to put on the site.