Site News - June 2013

June Update: Finally got a few minutes to rub together!  I started to dig through some of my paper archives, putting in a bunch of articles from the October 23, 1980 issue of the Philadelphia Daily News.  I also began working with isolating some clips from The Phantastic Phillies and uploading them with pictures to create YouTube videos.  I have one clip from the June 18, 1980 game against the Padres, and two clips from the June 22, 1980 game against the Giants.  I also put in an interview clip between Harry Kalas and Mike Schmidt from that second game.


Media Update:  I have figured out the process I will take to create some YouTube audio clips from the Phantastic Phillies record, so hopefully that will come more regularly (notice the four I was able to put in this month!).  Of course, I am also looking for other YouTube videos, as well as other sources to include.


Digital Pictures Needed: I’d still love pictures of the 1980 season If you have something (for free – I’m poor and this is a non-profit site!), please let me know through the contact section.


Wanted: I am still looking for any and all articles from the 1980 season to include in the website.  In particular, I seek the Philadelphia papers, which I have very limited access to. Anyone that has copies of the Inquirer or the Daily News or other area newspapers please contact me – digital scans are fine by me (and in fact are preferable, as I don’t get in trouble with the wife for cluttering up the house!). I am also looking for any YouTube videos from the 1980 season, as Jimdo allows easy connection to these videos.


Future Updates: I was able meet my monthly goal for May!  As stated before, my goal for the rest of the year is to add five articles and two media clips per month.  I will also add game pictures as I find them, and may include clipped images of the newspapers from games as they are available.