Site News - October 2013

October Update: I’m still barging my way through old Reading Eagle articles, working my way backwards through the month of May.  I managed to meet my goals for the last month, but may struggle to do so with the current month, as work and family responsibilities are leaving little time for my… hobby.  While working through these older articles, I am also looking to add more pictures to the earlier games.  When I went through the first time, I only added one picture to many of the early games in a hurry to make sure that all games I could find a picture for was represented.


The More Things Change:  Ryne Sandberg was named the permanent manager of the Phillies after the close of the season.  He has brought on board a new right-hand man… in the person of Larry Bowa!  It will be good to see this connection to the 1980 team back with the organization.  The Phils will be looking for a new pitching coach in the coming weeks.


Media Update:  I managed to meet my goals of adding two sound clips from The Phantastic Phillies record to YouTube, and linking it to the site. 


Digital Pictures Needed: I’d still love pictures of the 1980 season If you have something (for free – I’m poor and this is a non-profit site!), please let me know through the contact section.


Wanted: I am still looking for any and all articles from the 1980 season to include in the website.  In particular, I seek the Philadelphia papers, which I have very limited access to. Anyone that has copies of the Inquirer or the Daily News or other area newspapers please contact me – digital scans are fine by me (and in fact are preferable, as I don’t get in trouble with the wife for cluttering up the house!). I am also looking for any YouTube videos from the 1980 season, as Jimdo allows easy connection to these videos.



Future Updates: I was able meet my monthly goal for September, but October is presenting more of a challenge.  My goal for the rest of the year is to add five articles and two media clips per month.  I will also add game pictures as I find them, and may include clipped images of the newspapers from games as they are available.