Site News - January 2018

January Update:  Finally got back into some action on the website during my winter break.  Broke into the stash of Inquirer articles I found last summer, but never had the time to work with before.  I started with Opening Day, April 11, and then backtracked to the beginning of the month and did the first two days. 


Managing Kapler:  Welcome to Philadelphia to the newest manager of the Phillies, Gabe Kapler.  A young manager to work with a young team.  Whether it works remains to be seen, but it is definitely an innovative outlook for the Phillies and their young general manager, Matt Klentak.


Media Update:  Nothing to report this month.  If you see a source for the 1980 Phillies, please let me know, and I will see about adding it to the archive.


Digital Pictures Needed: I’d still love pictures of the 1980 season If you have something (for free – I’m poor and this is a non-profit site!), please let me know through the contact section.



Future Updates:   I’ll be looking to continue working in the new articles as time allows.  At this point is may not be realistic to promise regular monthly updates, but that is what I am shooting for.  Like continues to be crazy with work, family and other obligations, but I want to try to devote a few hours a month to the archive.