Site News - January 2020

January 2020 Update:  I hope that everyone had a Happy Holiday season!  I was able to complete the August 1980 articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer before heading to visit family over the Christmas week.  I felt a bit of a knot in my stomach when doing the four-game debacle in Pittsburgh!  At that point, it must have felt like the 1980 season would collapse much as 1979 had.  However, this team proved to be much more resilient!


Raiding New York Free Agents: Former Met Zach Wheeler signed a five-year, $118 million contract with the Phillies in early December.  Wheeler was 11-8 with a 3.96 ERA with New York in 2019.  It is hoped that Wheeler will fully blossom into his full potential with the Phils’ rotation.  In addition, former Yankee infielder Didi Gregorius was signed to a one-year contract to shore up the Phils’ infield and lineup.  Gregosius came back from injury in 2019 to bat .238 with 16 home runs and 61 RBI in 82 games played.  Now… let’s get one more quality starting pitcher.


Still On the Lookout For:

  • Pictures from the 1980 season.  Looking for digital copies of pictures that can be posted on the site.
  • Articles from the Philadelphia Bulletin.  Richie Ashburn used to do a weekly article in that newspaper.  Online, scanned, clipped… most importantly free!



Future Updates:   January may be a tough month to keep up the current rate, as it is looking to be busy with both work and family.  But I will continue to do my best!