Site News - May 2020

May 2020 Update:  The articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer are complete!  The story of the 1980 Phillies, from Spring Training through the Championship Parade, is now documents from the viewpoints of Jayson Stark, Frank Dolson, Bill Lyon, and the rest of the Philadelphia Inquirer staff.


Conoravirus: It’s kind of depressing to have reached May and not seen a single live baseball game.  I’ve done a little diving into the past to attempt to get my Phillies fix, but it’s just not the same.  While rumors of a June or July start are currently rampant, nothing official has been said by major league baseball, and I suppose we’ll just have to keep waiting.


Still On the Lookout For:

  • Pictures from the 1980 season.  Looking for digital copies of pictures that can be posted on the site.
  • Articles from the Philadelphia Bulletin.  Richie Ashburn used to do a weekly article in that newspaper.  Online, scanned, clipped… most importantly free!


Future Updates:   Now that the Inquirer articles are complete, it’s time to begin with another Philadelphia newspaper.  On with the Daily News!  I am also going to throw some articles from a few Missouri newspapers from the 1980 World Series to get their point of view as well.