Site News - November 2020

November 2020 Update:  November was where the momentum was slowed greatly.  Only managed to get through the second game of the 1980 World Series in the articles from the Philadelphia Daily News.  A combination of work, family, and holidays proved too difficult!


Rudderless:  The Phillies fired general manager Matt Klentak, who proved unable to field a winning team after five years at the helm.  And, to this point… they have not replaced him.  That, along with the signals coming that the team will not be willing to spend the money necessary, seems likely to point toward J.T. Realmuto leaving for greener pastures.  That loss, as well as the dire cost to acquire the star catcher in the first place, will be a bitter pill to swallow for Phils fans.


Still On the Lookout For:

  • Pictures from the 1980 season.  Looking for digital copies of pictures that can be posted on the site.
  • Articles from the Philadelphia Bulletin.  Richie Ashburn used to do a weekly article in that newspaper.  Online, scanned, clipped… most importantly free!


Future Updates:   Even though it’s slowed way down, I am still working on finishing the Daily News.  With the approaching holidays, the hope that I will finish those before the end of the year seems to be dimming a bit.  I am planning on shifting gears for a few months to put in some articles from the Kansas City perspective on the World Series.  After that, I’ll head out to Camden to work on articles from the Courier-Post.