Site News - January 2021

January 2021 Update:  The Philadelphia Daily News from 1980 is officially done!  Articles are in through the end of 1980, finishing two of Philadelphia’s largest newspapers.  Unfortunately, online sources for the Bulletin do not seem to exist, so that is not an option for me right now.


Happy New Year!:  And may your 2021 be much better than the year we just escaped.  Maybe the Phils can resign one J.T. Realmuto.  That would be a good beginning of the year, along with the signing of reliever Archie Bradley.


Still On the Lookout For:

  • Pictures from the 1980 season.  Looking for digital copies of pictures that can be posted on the site.
  • Articles from the Philadelphia Bulletin.  Richie Ashburn used to do a weekly article in that newspaper.  Online, scanned, clipped… most importantly free!


Future Updates:   I’m looking to shift to other city perspectives of some of the Phils’ important games for a month or two.  Missouri newspapers for the World Series, Texas newspapers for the NLCS, and things like that.  After that, I’ll shift to the newspapers outside the city limits.  Top contenders are the Camden Courier Post, Wilmington Morning News, Wilmington News Journal or (Allentown) Morning Call.