Site News - September 2021

September 2021 Update:  It was a productive month!  I was able to finish the April articles in the Camden Courier-Post, as well as many of the articles from the various opponents’ local newspapers.  I’ve also been clipping the pictures from these newspapers to include in the boxscore pages.  Of course, the quality of those pictures varies from paper to paper… but better than nothing!


RIP Don Seger:  News came out in late August that Don Seger, the Phillies’ head trainer from 1969 through 1980, passed away.  Prayers for his grieving family, and may he rest in peace.


Pennant… chase?:  Even though the Phillies continue their inconsistent play, they are still in the mix for the Eastern Division.  Bryce Harper has gotten some mention in the MVP conversation as he tries to carry a rather lethargic Phillies offense on his back.  As September begins, the Phils have some work to do to catch the Atlanta Braves, who have been playing very well.


Still On the Lookout For:

  • Pictures from the 1980 season.  Looking for digital copies of pictures that can be posted on the site.
  • Articles from the Philadelphia Bulletin.  Richie Ashburn used to do a weekly article in that newspaper.  Online, scanned, clipped… most importantly free!


Future Updates:   I am looking to keep up pace for the Camden Courier-Post, trying to finish the May articles in the next few weeks.  As I am able, I’ll also be looking to add more articles from opponent newspapers to give a more rounded picture of the 1980 season.