Camden Courier Post - December 30, 1980

For the top stories:  There’s the Phillies, casinos… and Bo


By Pete Finley of the Courier-Post


With this final column of the good year, 1980, I submit my wrap-up of top stories in South Jersey as well as observations on life in these parts. Thank you for waiting.


The top story has got to be the news that Bo Derek (may her numbers increase) has made another movie. This might be the top story in the country.


My own personal conflict with Bo concerns another woman (isn't that always the way?).


You see, Farrah Fawcett has been my dreamboat ever since Kay Francis retired. I wear Farrah's T-shirts, sometimes inside out.


And now I've been given a Bo Derek T-shirt. Of course, I'm still going to wear Farrah's but not on Saturday nights. They'll just have to learn to share me, that's all.


Another top news story for these parts is the newly opened thingamajig at the intersection of Haddon Avenue and Cnthbert Road (may its numbers decrease).


Two motorists have been known to grow a five o'clock shadow while waiting to get through from only 50 yards away. Some guys are running out of gas.


Mothers, heeding the hunger pains that their children develop while waiting for a light change, are packing lunches, and the Hardee's Restaurant nearby, is doing a landslide take-out business.


And what about pedestrians? How are they to cross now? Not to mention spiders.


I'm still sitting down to tables in most fast food restaurants that are dirty. Oh, the big litter, like trays and bags and soggy French fries are cleaned up, but the table remains strewn with grease spots and crumbs. Happily, I see more and more customers leaving their debris behind on the tables the same as I do. These tables get the soapy cloth before the next person sits down and that, of course, is the intent of our treasonable acts.


A top story in South Jersey was the winning of the World Series by the Phillies. Of course, they haven't played the Japanese champs yet and might not be entitled to the "world" title but what the beck, after waiting so long, Phillies fans will take what they can get. Some fans have been heard to say, "Hey, our boys earned their salaries this year." Well, we won't go into that one now.


The Philadelphia Eagles have ignited the enthusiasm of local sports fans despite losing three of their last four games. They won the National Football Conference, Eastern Division (whew!) title, their first in 20 years, by losing to Dallas. You figure that one out.


Now the Eagles will try for a Super Bowl title, but I won't have to opine on that until next year (another "whew!").


More gambling casinos have opened in Atlantic City and more people have been made homeless because of fires and condemnations of property. Happily for visitors that are bused to the gambling mecca, darkly tinted windows protect sensitive eyes of riders who might think twice about their day of fun and spending if they were to see the World War II bombing appearance of some parts of the city.


Joggers want a section of Camden County Park lighted so they can do their thing at night. Okay, put up a "Feed the Kitty" box so they can foot the bill. Place the box (or boxes) in convenient places and when the surri falls short of the monthly ' bill, turn off the juice until it's paid. There, I've said it and I'm glad!


Of great interest to representatives of my generation in South Jersey is the news of the continuing decline in sales of Barry Whatshisname's records and tapes (may their numbers be decimated). I knew it would be just a matter of time, Marcia.


Dunkin' Donuts continues to serve the best tasting coffee in South Jersey although the price is, well, it's starting to creep up, up...


Raisins (may their numbers be ZERO!) are still finding their way into too many buns and cakes and cookies here in South Jersey...


Warthogs, also know as Diagonal Parkers, still flaunt their impudence upon the rest of us on public parking lots…


Mrs. Greeney's second grade class displayed its usual fine taste in great literature by again electing me their favorite columnist...barely ahead of the daily weather report...


And nurses continue to be the poorest paid, most-overworked professional group in South Jersey... maybe in the country...