Camden Courier Post - November 1, 1980

As readers see it


The Phillies:  McGrsaw only said what many feel about New York


Re: Pete Finley's column (C-P 1026) criticizing Tug McGraw's remarks at the victory parade.


Some day the members of the press will learn they cannot speak from both sides of the mouth. You did not object to printing Dick Young's degrading thoughts on the Phillies and Philadelphia in particular, so why object to Tug's thoughts on New York? I think he expressed what many of us feel. Hats off to the Tugger!



Cherry Hill


Don't blow it, Tug


Being from a different area, I found it difficult to become excited about the World Series. But, now that it is over, congratulations Phillies for a job well done! You've certainly proved yourselves and even I felt a spark of happiness for you.


But there's always one in every crowd who makes that certain dig to bring my opinions back down to earth. I am speaking of none other than Tug McGraw. I was a little surprised by his comment about New York. He said that all through baseball history Philadelphia has had to take a back seat to New York and now New York can take this World Championship and stick it.


Hey Tug, you know what they say? May the better team win. You're where you want to be – so what's your problem? I can understand it if you've been in the playoffs with New York every year and they managed to knock you out. But that's not the case. You won. You did your job. You've built up a great reputation. I think you even managed to pick up a few extra fans. So don't blow it.


If it's the media that bother you, putting down Philadelphia for so long, no need to worry – they're making up for it now.


As you, Mr. McGraw, felt it necessary to voice your opinion and stand up for your team, well, so did I. I've tried to be objective, but my heart still does belong to New York, whether they win, or lost.





Sour gripe


Look who's talking about "sour notes" and "no class"! The master himself.


Rather than praise Tug McGraw for his heroic efforts throughout the season, not to mention winning the World Series, all Mr. Finley can do is put Mr. McGraw down by criticizing a simple, down-to-earth statement he happened to make. If Mr. Finley likes New York so much, why is he here in New Jersey?





Yankee fan perhaps?


The Philadelphia Phillies have finally had ther moment of glory and some New York-loving crybaby has to find something to rave about. If Tug hadn't made that final statement I wonder what Pete Finley would have complained about?


It is plain to see that, you, Pete Finley, would have been in seventh heaven had the Yankees won the series. I guess the day the Flyers got a bad break and lost the cup to the Islanders you celebrated to the hilt. You probably even thought it was a fair game. One Howard Cosell is enough, Philly doesn't need two, Pete.



Maple Shade


Short on ideas?


How dare Pete Finley say that Tug McGraw has no class or taste! Mr. McGraw is the epitome of grace under pressure, and he has more class and taste than Mr. Finley ever will.


Whenever Mr. Finley starts attacking certain individuals, you know he's either running out of ideas or hungry for publicity. When he printed those tasteless columns about Barry Manilow, his face and name were in the editorial column for weeks as Barry's fans wrote letters condemning flr. Finley. Barry Manilow and Tug McGraw both have many fans in this area. Mr. Finley got his publicity from Barry, now he's after Tug.


As for Bob Kenney's story (C-P  10/23) I feel it was Very unfair to Steve Carlton. It made him seem like an unfeeling statue.


It said that Mr. Carlton never smiled! Mr. Kenney should look more closely at the television footage of the parade. When Lefty was introduced, he waved to the crowd, gave the No. 1 sign, and flashed the widest, happiest, most sincere smile I've ever seen. Lefty is human.


Your writers have made him out to be a brooding, mixed-up, unfeeling recluse. Steve Carlton is a shy, quiet man whose job is to be a pitcher, not an open book to the press. The press shouldn't print lies about him just because he refuses to talk to them.



Haddon Heights


A fabulous feeling


As a long-time Phillies fan I rejoice, on their long awaited triumph. I can recall the teams which languished in last place with such players as Al Brongcotto, Doft Camilli and Vince Dimaggio. But that is now all in the past.


My thanks to the Phillies for the most exciting league finish, playoffs, and World Series that I can ever remember.





Touching finale


The photograph ("Savoring the triumph") by Curt Hudson, showing Warren "Mickey" Parker, a Philadelphia Phillies fan, deep in thought at Veterans Stadium long after the others are in the streets, was in my opinion the most touching of anything published during this World Series.


This man symbolizes years of devotion to the game of baseball and the Philadelphia Phillies, His face- tells me we all have our dreams, and we all can relate to being winners and champions. Come to think of it, maybe we all are in our own way.