Reading Eagle - November 1, 1980

Fan Mail


Wants MVP Abolished


Dear Editor:


I think the World Series MVP award should be abolished.


Several years ago Reggie Jackson won it because of a great final series game, although he was a dismal failure the first few games.


This year Mike Schmidt won it apparently for his single which drove in two runs in the final game.  He had a good series, two home runs (one wind blown), seven runs batted in, and a .381 average.


However, he stranded nine runners in one game besides hitting into a double play, and also stranded quite a few runners in other games.


Larry Bowa broke a series record for most double plays, naturally saving a few runs in the process; hit .375, stole a base which seemed to upset the K.C. team, and his two-out double and score on Boone’s single took many options away from K.C. in that final game.


Bob Boone led the team in batting and did a wonderful job behind the plate.  Tug McGraw, although having trouble in a couple games, got the job done although his arms must have been ready to fall off.  Trillo, McBride, Maddox, Rose did a splendid job while throwing a few hey hits, and Del Unser got a couple very big hits.


Instead of a gold watch and $5,000 to charity, why just they don’t give $10,000 to charity in the name of the entire team, a charity to be named by the entire team?


Almost every year there is a controversy about the MVP, and this would do away with it.


We all know Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs and Hank Aaron about 745 but would you publish the number of times at bat for Ruth and Aaron?  Also where Aaron stands in home runs for times at bat?  I think you’ll find he is not in the first ten.  I also want to congratulate you for a fine sports section.


                                                                                         Willard Herbein



(Ruth hit his 714 home runs in 8399 times at bat, or one ever 11.76 times at bat.  Aaron hit his 755 in 12364 times or one every 16.38 Abs.  Of the top 15 all-time home-run hitters – those with 450 or more homers – Aaron ranks ninth in homers per at bats, behind, in order, Ruth, Gehrig, Killebrew, Williams, Mantle, Foxx, McCovey and Mays.)