Philadelphia Daily News - November 13, 1980

Phillies Draft Dwyer


Compiled by the Daily News


NEW YORK – The World Champion Phillies today made outfielder Jim Dwyer of Boston their first choice in major league baseball's reentry draft of free agents.


The Phils' second-round choice was David W. Roberts, catcher for the Texas Rangers, and third, Montreal's right-handed pitcher, Stan Bahnsen.


One of the Phils series heroes, Del Unser, was Boston's second-round choice.


THE CHICAGO CUBS opened the day's draft by selecting negotiating rights to Roberts.


The Mariners then went for catcher Jim Essian of Oakland and the New York Mets, as expected, selected slugging outfielder Dave Winfield. California chose pitcher Don Sutton and San Diego, which has been a big spender in the re-entry draft in past years, passed.


Toronto selected negotiating rights to catcher Darrell Porter of Kansas City and St. Louis also went for Winfield. The Chicago White Sox chose Porter and the San Francisco Giants took outfielder Claudell Washington of the New York Mets.


THE DRAFT took less than an hour to complete and consisted of 17 rounds, but no player was selected the maximum number of 13 times.


Winfield, who had made it clear through his agent Dick Moss that he was not interested in joining certain teams, was chosen 10 times, but the player chosen the most was Roberts, who was selected 12 times.


Oddly, outfielder Ron LeFlore, who played out his option with Montreal, was taken only once – by the White Sox – after stealing 97 bases and scoring 95 runs last season.


Because he was taken only once, LeFlore is eligible to sell his services to the highest bidder. But the fact that he was not selected by more than one team indicates LeFlore is close to signing a contract with the Expos.


Twenty of the 48 players eligible for the draft were not selected, freeing them to make their own deals.

The Thrill Is Gone


The Streak came to an end with the jolt of an airplane landing without the benefit of wheels.


Last night, the Sixers lost to the New York Knicks, 125-113, ending a giddy ride of 29 games without a loss by Philadelphia's professional sports teams. The last time a team lost was Oct. 18, when the Phillies dropped Game 4 of the World Series and the Flyers lost to Tpronto.



The Sixers' defeat snapped a 12-game winning streak. However, the Flyers have gone 12 games without a loss, the Eagles have won six games in a row and the Fever is 1-0.