Philadelphia Daily News - November 17, 1980

Post Time (excerpt)


By Larry McMullen


Dear Mr. McMullen


I write this letter praying you read it and pass along the thoughts while not thinking I'm crazy for taking up your time. But, as a loyal Philadelphia Phillies fan, I was exuberant when Tug McGraw threw the last pitch of the World Series and the Phillies had won. I nearly died of heart failure during the ninth inning while trying to communicate thought waves to Tugger. His head was probably pounding as hard as his heart was from the concentration I was sending him trying to give him the strength to reach back and throw a perfect pitch, which I believe he received.


I want to say if Tug doesn't return to the Phillies next season, it would be a shame and the team will never be the same. He is a very dynamic man, but to me he is a cuddly little teddy bear, at least that's what I've called him for years. One just wants to hug him ever so close.


For two years I have tried without success to learn his address so I could write to him and ask for an autographed picture. If at all possible you can let him know of the extremely warm feelings I have for him, I would appreciate it.


I am enclosing a stamped envelope. If possibly you could send me his address I would be even more grateful.


Clanssie Hess,

Stephenson, W.Va.


A smart guy would wonder why you didn't ask for Tug's address when you had him on thought waves.


But that's not me, Clarissie. I've sent out thought waves to cuddly people myself.


I don't know McGraw's address.


Maybe he'll read this. I do know that in the past, at least, the warm feelings of females were among his principal concerns.


He once mentioned what happened to the $90,000 bonus he got for signing with his first major league team.



“I spent $80,000 of it on booze and broads," he said. "The rest I wasted."