Philadelphia Daily News - November 18, 1980

Phils, Royals Share Record Series Purse


NEW YORK (UPI) – The winning Phillies and losing Kansas City Royals shared the richest World Series pot in history and both teams came away with record purses.


Each of the 33 members of the Phillies who were voted full shares will receive $34,693.18, according to the official figures released yesterday by the Baseball Commissioner's office. This eclipses the previous high of $31,236.99 which went to members of the New York Yankees in 1978.


The Royals voted only 26 full shares, and they come away with $32,211.95 each, far surpassing the previous record for a losing share of $25,483.21 awarded the Los Angeles Dodgers, also in 1978.


The Houston Astros, who lost a five-game playoff to the Phillies in the National League playoffs, voted 28 full shares, amounting to $13.465.29 apiece. Until 1969, not even the World Series champion received as much.


The Yankees, losers to Kansas City in the American League playoffs, divided 30 full shares amounting to $12,570.59.


World Series Shares


NEW YORK (UPI) – A club-by-club breakdown of World Series money and individual uniformed shares:


PHILLIES ($1,409,713.50) – Thirty-three full shares of $34,693.18 plus three ½ shares, one ¼ share, one ⅛ share and eight cash grants. (In addition, there were 11 cash grants to non-uniformed personnel).


UNIFORMED PERSONNEL: Dallas Green (manager); Ruben Amaro, Billy DeMars, Lee Elia, Mike Ryan, Herm Starrette, Bobby Wine (coaches); Ramon Aviles, Bob Boone, Larry Bowa, Warren Brusstar, Steve Calrton, Larry Christenson, Nino Espinosa, Greg Gross, Randy Lerch, Greg Luzinski, Garry Maddox, Bake McBride, Tug McGraw, Keith Moreland, Dickie Noles, Ron Reed, Pete Rose, Dick Ruthven, Kevin Saucier, Mike Schmidt, Lonnie Smith, Manny Trilio, Del Unser, George Vukovich, John Vukovich, Bob Walk (players), each $34,693.18. Luis Aguayo, Lerrin LaGrow, Dan Larson (players), each $17,346.59. Marty Bystrom (player), $8,673.29. Sparky Lyle (player), $4,336.65. Scott Munninghoff (player), $250.00. Mark Davis, Bob Dernier, Orlando Isales, Jay Loviglio, Tim McCarver, Don McCormack, Ozzie Virgil (players), each $200.


NON-UNIFORMED PERSONNEL: Don Seger (trainer), Jeff Cooper (assistant trainer), Kenny Bush Sr. (clubhouse and equipment manager), Pete Cera (assistant clubhouse manager and equipment manager), Gus Hoefling (stretch and flexibility instructor), each $34,693.17. Hank King (batting practice pitcher) $8,673.29. Pete Murphy (bat boy). Gary Watts (bat boy), Mark Andersen (bat boy), each $4,000. Kenny Bush Jr. (bat boy) and Kevin Kaufman (clubhouse assistant) each $2,000.


KANSAS CITY ROYALS ($1,057,285.12) – Twenty-six full shares of $32,211.95 plus one ¾ share, four ½ shares, one share, one share and 10 cash grants, (in addition, there were 11 cash grants to non-uniformed personnel).



UNIFORMED PERSONNEL: Jim Frey (manager); Billy Conners, Gordon MacKenzie, Jose Martinez, Jim Schaffer (coaches); Willie Aikens, George Brett, Dave Chalk, Rich Gale, Larry Gura, Clint Hurdle, Pete LaCock, Dennis Leonard, Renie Martin, Hal McRae, Ranee Mulliniks, Amos Otis, Marty Pattin, Darrell Porter, Jamie Quirk, Dan Quisenberry, Paul Splittorff, U.L, Washington, John Wathan, Frank White, Willie Wilson (players), each $32,211.95. Jerry Terrell (player), $24,158.96. Steve Busby, Gary Christenson, Rusty Torres, Jeff Twitty (players) each $16,105.97. Steve Braun (player), $10,373.31. Jose Cardenal (player),$5,368.66. Rawly Eastwick (player). $5,000.00. Bobby Detherage (player), $1,500.00. Ken Brett, Onix Concepcion (players), each $1,000. Manny Castillo, Craig Chamberlina, Mike Jones, Ken Phelps (players), each $300.00. German Barranca, Jim Baudet (players), each $100.00.