Wilmington Morning News - February 21, 1980

Rose envisions shift in Phils’ style of 80’s


NEW YORK (AP) – Pete Rose says harder work will bring a brighter year for the Phillies, who finished 84-78 in an injury-plagued 1979 season.


"All the guys we had injured have recuperated and are ready to go, said Rose about Philadelphia, which will be led by a new manager, Dallas Green. "We're going to be all right."


Rose, who switched to first base last season, conceded he "really neglected my offense in training camp last year and everybody pushed the panic button. But if I get in shape too soon I lose the edge of working hard every day."


Green, who took over after the Phillies fired Danny Ozark last August, prefers "a different type of ball – sacrifice bunting rather than running," said Rose.


Speed and defense, Rose believes, will characterize players of the future.


"Most owners are trading and concentrating more on pitching," he said. "Home runs are no good unless there are guys getting on base in front of them."


Rose said he is one of very few players who will get paid despite a strike, but is hoping negotiations don't come to a walkout.


"A lot of players make a lot of money," said Rose, whose four-year contract tops $3 million.


A walkout, he believes, would really hurt the game.


"...there are people who don't forget," Rose said. "But we have to stand together and I'd have to consider staying behind."