Philadelphia Inquirer - February 27, 1980

Bill Giles is cleaning house (the attic, not the players)


Want to buy a Liberty Bell? Bill Giles will sell it to you. The Phillies vice president in charge of productions is holding a clearance sale Saturday and Sunday at Veterans Stadium.


He is going to get rid of many things in the stadium attic, including the Liberty Bell replica that was mounted on the fourth level in center field, along with figures named Philadelphia Phil and Phyllis. They all went into mechanical action when a Phil hit a home run. But the Phillie Phanatic has put them out of business.


Giles is replacing the figures with a new home-run spectacular, the nature of which he is keeping secret for the moment.


In addition to the three figures, Giles garage sale in the 200-level concourse behind home plate will include that ever-popular disco record, "We Love You, Phillies," some Phillie Phanatic dolls, Tastykake tote bags, ski caps, Phillie mugs and puzzles and usherettes' hot pants uniforms.


But Giles is featuring the big figures of Phil, Phyllis and the bell.


"These three items stand about 15 feet tall," his pitch for his cash-and-carry sale goes. "If somebody is looking for an unusual item to decorate their front yard, Philadelphia Phil would be perfect."


But how much do they weigh?"



"Just a little more than I do," Giles said.