Philadelphia Inquirer - February 4, 1980



Phils lose another



What was Chicago Cubs broadcaster Jack Brick house doing hanging out in a bar near Wrigley Field in the third week in January, wearing a Cubs beret and a Cubs tie, and welching a baseball game on TV? Well, Brickhouse was watching – and listening – to himself do the play-by-play of the legendary 23-22 game between the Phillies and Cubs last May. WGN-TV in Chicago rebroadcast the game the day after the Super Bowl. But there was one slight twist. After Mike Schmidt put the Phillies ahead, 23-22, with his 10th-inning homer, the station showed an old clip of Ernie Banks coming to the plate. Banks drilled a home run, and an announcer said: "The Cubs. win, 24-23. (Pause) We can dream, can't we?"