Philadelphia Daily News - January 14, 1980

SportsPeople (excerpt)


Lonborg’s Learning


When the Phillies released him last summer. Jim Lonborg was just waiting for the inevitable. And it wasn't long before he learned that he was no longer a Cy Young winner, but just another worn-out arm.


"I knew I would get released during the summer," Lonborg recalled. "I knew I didn't fit into their plans. I couldn’t really go to another ballclub because I wasn’t pitching and I wasn't in shape."


It was then that the articulate 35-year-old Lonborg realized the end of one career and the beginning of another. So he has gone back to school to become a dentist.



"It was difficult the first four weeks," said Lonborg, said the Stanford graduate who has enrolled at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. "I had to relearn my study habits, how to take notes, how to take tests. But I'm so strongly motivated it's really a joy."