Camden Courier-Post - January 31, 1980

Rose doesn’t show


PHILADELPHIA – Pete Rose of the Phillies stood up the Mexican sports establishment and angered a couple of promotors by pulling a disappearing act before showing up in Cincinnati yesterday.


Rose was supposed to present an award yesterday to Mexico's top athlete of 1979, Daniel Bautista, at a banquet, but he failed to show up.


Rose was not immediately available for comment, but his Cincinnati lawyer, Reuven Katz was. "I don't want to discuss it," said Katz. "Some things are difficult to discuss."


Ida McGinniss, director of the Speakers Bureau, said, "The nicest thing that could happen to Pete Rose now is for him to be found in a hospital with amnesia."


"Mexico was waiting for a major U.S. athlete," Arroyo said. "All Rose would have had to say was he didn't feel like attending. He hasn't even given us the courtesy of an explanation."