1980 World Champs - 10th Reunion

Most Memorable Moments From the 1980 Season


Dallas Green: “The playoffs. I still can’t watch the videos. And the parade, it was simply outstanding!”


Ruben Amaro: “The happy faces in the crowd as we paraded down Broad Street.”


Billy DeMars: “Pete Rose catching the pop fly off of Boonie’s glove.”


Lee Elia: “Rose scoring from first on Luzinski’s double by knocking over Bochy to tie the score in the fourth playoff game in Houston.”


Herm Starrette: “Tug striking out Wilson to win the Series.”


Mike Ryan: “The ride in the parade, the greatest thrill I ever had.”


Bobby Wine: “Coming back against Ryan in the last playoff game and the parade.”


Ruly Carpenter: “Without a question, the fifth game of the playoffs against Houston. I was a nervous wreck.”


Paul Owens: “The look in the fans’ eyes during the parade. Fans were everywhere along the parade route- hospital patients in wheelchairs, over 1.5 million fans. You get to JFK and figure the celebration is over. But, there were over 100,000 more fans there. That day was the most gratifying in my life.”


Ramon Aviles: “The playoffs against Houston, four games going extra innings and then the World Series victory.”


Bob Boone: “I remember everything about the 9th inning pinch hit single I got off Fryman to tie the game in Montreal. Schmitty then won the division with a homer in the next inning. Of course, I’m not allowed to forget dropping the ball that Pete caught in the Series.”


Larry Bowa: “The enthusiasm and happy faces during the parade. It is something I’ll never forget.”


Warren Brusstar: “Pitching out of a bases-loaded, no-out situation in San Francisco (Sept. 2) in the 11th. We won in the 13th to stay in first place.”


Marty Bystrom: “The 4th and 5th games of the playoffs with Houston and Noles knocking down Brett in the World Series.”


Steve Carlton: “Winning everything and the happy faces in the parade.”


Larry Christenson: “The pressure of the playoffs in Houston and the setting in Philadelphia in the last series game- the dogs, the police, the last out and an unforgettable parade.”


Greg Gross: “The playoffs stick out in my mind, the most exciting one ever played.”


Randy Lerch: “I guess the realization that I was part of a World Championship club, something a lot of players never experience.”


Greg Luzinski: “The playoffs stick out in my mind, hitting a game-winning homer and a game-winning double.”


Garry Maddox: “Tug striking out Wilson and the realization that we were World Champions.”


Bake McBride: “The whole season and hitting a three-run homer in the firstgame of the Series.”


Tug McGraw: “There was so much to remember. A few things to forget. But, to me, the most memorable was the series in Montreal when we won the division.”


Keith Moreland: “The fight in Philadelphia (May 26th) against the Pirates.”


Dickie Noles: “Game 5 of the playoffs, tying the game against Nolan Ryan and sending it into extra innings once again. And, the last out of the Series.”


Ron Reed: “Seeing a group of guys come together at the right time and the unbelievable second half we had.”


Pete Rose: “Prior to that season, I was in four World Series, but I never saw anything like that parade in 1980. It was awesome.”


Dick Ruthven: “Being the winning pitcher in the last game of the playoff series against Houston.”


Kevin Saucier: “The clubhouse celebration after we won the World Series. Who were all those people?”


Mike Schmidt: “The final inning of the last Series game. You dream of being in the position to jump on top of the pitcher.”


Lonnie Smith: “Game 6 of the Series. I’ll never forget seeing the police dogs on the field. It was an honor to be part of the Phillies first championship club.”


Manny Trillo: “Winning the MVP in the playoffs and the parade.”


Del Unser: “Gee, there were so many great moments. Schmidt’s home run in Montreal, Noles’ pitch to Brett in the Series, the large crowd at the airport after we returned from Houston and the parade, which was awesome.”


George Vukovich: “Making the club in spring training after being in double-A. It was an overwhelming year.”


John Vukovich: “Riding to the stadium for game 6 of the Series and knowing it was over.”


Bob Walk: “Starting the first Series game was something, but nothing matched the parade.”