Phantastic Phillies Album - November 1980

From The Phantastic Phillies album cover:


They call Philadelphia the “City of Brotherly Love”, and at 11:30 p.m., October 21, 1980, it was just that, as young and old, rich and poor, bandied together in a spirit of joy. It was a fleeting moment, never to be forgotten, as Tug McGraw’s trusty left arm delivered the final pitch of the World Series. The Philadelphia “Phillies” were World Champions!


Since their humble beginnings on May 1, 1883, when they lost their first game to a club known as the Providence Grays, many things have transpired.  The world has changed in many ways, but one thing remained constant... the Philadelphia Phillies had yet to win a World Championship. In 1980, when it was least expected, it happened... and the frustrations of a near century were forgotten in that moment of joy.


The story of the 1980 Phillies is an entertaining one. It started with the appointment of Dallas Green as manager. A man of discipline, his charges often resembled his outgoing manner and “no excuse” attitude toward the game of baseball. But as each day passed, the team became a reflection of the man... they came closer and closer together... they became a hard team, refusing to quit, and it was never more evident than in the hard fought Championship Series against the Houston Astros.


The talent was there with the likes of Mike Schmidt, Bake McBride, Manny Trillo, Peter Rose, Larry Bowa, Garry Maddox, Steve Carlton and Tug McGraw, but it took Dallas Green to rekindle the team’s spirit and unite them by making the second line players just as important in his game plan as his stable of stars.  They came together as a team... a team of destiny... and together they went on to win the World Championship of Professional Baseball.