Los Angeles Times - June 16, 1980

Morning Briefing (Excerpt)


Rose, 759 Hits Away, Is Thinking About Cobb’s Mark


It may be a little early to start a countdown, but Pete Rose is only 759 hits away from Ty Cobb's all-time record of 4,191.


"In my mind, I have a chance to be No. 1," Rose said.


Rose, who has 3,432 hits, is 39 and in his 18th season. His career average is 198 hits per season. At that rate, he would have to play four more seasons.


"If the body stays together I might become a designated hitter in the American League," he said.


Rose says he doesn't want to play six more seasons: "That would be a 24-year career. I won't play 24 years, although I guess I could beat his record if I played 24 years."


Rose is now No. 5 on the all-time hitting list, passing Honus Wagner after getting four hits against San Diego Friday night. He got a double in the Phillies' 8-5 win over the Padres Sunday.


In the National League, only Stan Musial (3,630) and Hank Aaron (3,600) have more hits than Rose.