Front Office & Coaches

Like all champions, the Phillies' players had to have leadership driving them on to victory. In 1980, the front office and the coaching staff came together to bring to fruition a plan that would ultimately make the Phillies the best team in baseball.  Paul Owens was the architect, establishing a fruitful minor league system to form the base and using trades and free agents to embellish the final product.  Ruly Carpenter was an owner who wanted to see his team win, and was willing to do what was necessary to achieve his goal.  Dallas Green was the final piece of the puzzle for the management team.  His team-oriented mindset helped to turn a star-crossed group of individuals to a team unified in its goals and its purpose. And, of course, the coaching staff worked tirelessly to implement the plan of Green, the players of Owens, and the money of Carpenter, to put the best possible product on the field. And, in 1980 at least, that product was the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.