41-Year Fan - by AlphonseDattolo

I have been a Phillies fan for 41 years.  I have suffered through many bad seasons but 1980 still exists as the greatest memory of my life! What I recall is the late September series with hte Cubs where the Phillies swept all four games to tie the Expos in the standings.  One game had the Phils trailing in the 9th inning we tied it up and won it in the 15th on a Garry Maddox hit! I knew then that we were destined.  Also, game five of the playoffs with Houston still stands as the  greatest game I have seen.  When Garry Maddox caught the ball hit by Enos Cabell I cannot describe my feeling!  


I suffered through 1964 when we had a 6.5 lead with 12 games to go and we lost the pennant on the last day of the season.  I suffered through the 23 game losing streak in 1961 and one big hurt was when the great Richie Ashburn passed away on September 9, 1997.  With God's help we shall go all the way in 2001 and dedicate the world championship to Richie Ashburn!!!!!!!