I Was 20 - by kpascarello

I have been a PHILLIES fan ever since I saw Frank Lucchesi sit on 2nd base at Busch Stadium after a disputed home run call. That was in 70' or 71 I think. I remember seeing Bowa, Schmidt ,Luzinski and Boone come up and thinking maybe someday we could actually play in october. Then we won some division titles and I got real greedy and wanted to win it all. We lost to the Reds, then the Dodgers(he was OUT!!!) if you have to ask who you shouldn't be here.Then we lost out to the Pirates and that damn song. We finally got rid of Ozark and brought in big Dallas to right the ship. But of course it wasn't easy somehow I always thought it would be.My funniest memory of winning the World Series was opening day in 81' we had good seats, we left early (from Bellmawr, a fifteen minute ride), and we ran out of gas on the Walt Whitman bridge thanks Dexter.83 was fun 93 was a lot of fun because i was living in the south and everybody said we didn't have a prayer,well they were wrong, but 1980 was the best for obvious reasons. GO 01' PHILLIES.