One Autumnal Evening - by Richard Summers

On a blustery autumn evening

History was to be made

A century of utter frustration

In the grave was laid


25 men wearing pinstripes

"Phillies" emblazoned on their chest

Would put the playoff demons

And their own fears to rest


The year was 1980

The season had wound down

Just two teams were left

To play ball in Philly-town


The players on the field

Schmidt, Bowa, Rose, and all

Had played so valiantly

In the classic games of fall


The pitchers on the team

Carlton, Ruthven, and our Tug

Would not make it easy

No out was safe or snug


But wins they did achieve

Three games won, and one to go

Would this be our time

Would the Phillies steal the show?


Bake, Manny, and Maddox

Boone, Lonnie, and the Bull

Were out there on the field

The Vet, the stands, our hearts were full


Tug was out there on the mound

Along with the crowded throng

He had just three outs to go

To join in the celebration song


Of course, it would not be easy

No, the burden would not be light

With one out, the bases were full

Our hearts quickened, out teeth clenched tight


The batter popped up the ball

Boone and Rose gathered 'round

Boone dropped the ball, saved by Rose

The fans now made a joyous sound


Just one to go, the crowd now cheered

The batter stood up at the plate

Swing and a miss, the Phils have won!

Players and fans now celebrate


One nine-year-old watched on TV

He cheered and leaped for joy

I can still remember fondly as a man

The excitement and elation of that boy.


R.J.S. 6/21/98