Wilmington Morning News - April 29, 1980

Sports Briefs:  Phils’ fans hostage (excerpt)


The Philadelphia Phillies sent a team jersey and a package of other baseball mementos to the parents of one of the hostages in Iran.


The club not only sent the jersey with Phillies emblazoned across the front, and Gillette across the back, but invited Duane "Sam" Gillette, a hostage, to throw out a game ball when he returns home.


The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Gillette, said the items would be sent to their son In Iran.


The Gillettes and friends received three letters from Duane about 10 days ago. The parents, a brother and an unidentified friend each received a letter bearing a Washington postmark.


They were believed to have been brought back by clergy from this country allowed to visit the hostages to conduct Easter services, according to an attorney handling all comment on the letters for the Gillettes.


Attorney Andrew Appel said that in a letter, Duane said he wrote to the Phillies, wished the team well this baseball season, and asked the club to send him game scores.


The Gillettes reside in Columbia, Some 60 miles from Philadelphia.