Reading Eagle - August 12, 1980

Game Suspended


Trillo Fumbles Foote’s Grounder As Phils Fail To Seal Victory


CHICAGO (AP) – Manager Dallas Green will have the player advantage when his Philadelphia Phillies resume their suspended game with the Chicago Cubs today, but Cubs Manager Joe Amalfitano had the edge in experience.


“I’ve never been involved in a suspended game before,” said Green, who used only one extra Phillie position player in Monday’s game, which was called because of darkness with the score tied 5-5 after 10 innings.


Amalfitano, on the other hand, has no position players left. In battling for a come-from-behind tie, the Cub manager used everyone except four pitchers.


But Amalfitano has been involved in suspended games, and only last Friday the Cubs managed an 8-4 victory over Montreal in the resumption of a game which had been suspended last May.


The Cubs were down 5-1 Monday before they finally tied it with two runs in the ninth on singles by Lenny Randle and Mike Vail, a double by Bill Buckner, an intentional walk and an infield groundout by Barry Foote, which enabled the tying run to score from third.


It appeared that Foote’s grounder to Manny Trillo at second would be a game-ending double play, but Trillo fumbled the ball and finally threw Foote out as the tying run scored.


“It would have been a heck of a play,” said Green. “The ball had a lot of spin on it, and Trillo would have had to field it cleanly to have a chance at a double play. Of course, he didn’t.”


Green and Amalfitano both agreed the umpires did the right thing in calling the game because of darkness.


“It was difficult to see,” said Green. “I know the infielders were struggling. It was hard to see the ball come off the bat. It was tough on the hitters, too, and you didn’t want to see anyone get hurt.”


Amalfitano wasn’t concerned about his player disadvantage when play is resumed at noon, prior to the regularly scheduled contest.


“Before you can win, you have to get the tie,” said Amalfitano. “We were down for the mandatory nine-count, but the fight has resumed. I’m proud of the players, they really battled back and that comes from the heart.”


Mike Schmidt of the Phillies continued his terrorist tactics at Wrigley Field. He slugged his National League-leading 28th homer and also had a couple of singles.


“It’s nice to get some hits again,” said Schmidt, who how has a phenomenal 26 career homers in Wrigley Field.


After the suspended game is completed, Mike Krukow, 7-11, will go against Steve Carlton, 17-6, in the regularly scheduled contest.