October 27. 1980



Where are they now?


To the Editor: 


I'm rather fed up with the sports writers and fans who are always comparing the 1980 Phillies with those of '64, '76. '77 and '78. How can you compare teams who don't have the same players on them, and also, they aren't even playing the same competition. That's like comparing Ty Cobb with Garry Maddox. Garry would eat up Ty if he played today because Ty would be about 90 years old: Forget the past and concern yourself with the present.


Also. I want to know why many of the so-called Phillies fans and sports writers, who continue to berate the players every time they seem to make a mistake or lose a crucial game, predicted the 1980 team to finish behind Pittsburgh, Montreal and St. Louis last March. I'd like this paper to publish the predictions of their writers on the sports page in the near future. I'd bet ' none of the fearless writers picked UV Phils first neither did I. Therefore, anything beyond the regular season is a bonus. Let's begin to give these" guys some credit. Remember you could live in Chicago and be stuck with the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Black Hawks and Bears. 


Philadelphia, in the Phillies, 76ers, Eagles and Flyers, has four of the best pro teams anywhere. Sure we want a championship, but the world won't end if it doesn't happen. It's time we realize that we have some great teams in Philadelphia and stop degrading them. I love 'em all. 


Glenn L. Balliet