Gettysburg Times - September 30, 1980

Phillies Rally In 15th To Beat Cubs


by Ralph Bernstein, AP Sports Writer


PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The Philadelphia Phillies survived the Monday night purge but it wasn't easy.


After falling behind 5-3 in the 15!h inning, the Phillies rallied for three runs to beat the Chicago Cubs, 6-5.


The triumph enabled the Phillies to remain half a game behind the Montreal Expos in the two-team fight for the National League East Division championship.


Manny Trillo's two-out bases loaded single drove across the winning run on a fastball from Chicago reliever Dennis Lamp (10-13).


But back to the purge.


Phillies' manager Dallas Green benched three of his regulars to try and juice an offense that has been almost dormant for a week. He sat down left fielder Greg Luzinski. catcher Bob Boone and center fielder Garry Maddox.


Rookie Lonnie Smith replaced Luzinski and contributed two hits and started the game-winning rally with a walk. Keith Moreiand, also a rookie, got two hits, one in the center of the 15th inning comeback.


Del Unser subbed for Maddox. who did get into the game in the 12th inning, and in the 15th singled home the tying run.


The players weren't too happy about their manager's move. Shortstop Larry Bowa, Maddox and others voiced criticisms.


Maddox also took time to chew out a reporter for some words in Monday morning's editions that the outfielder said made him the goat of Sunday's loss to Montreal and contributed to his being benched.


"Dallas Green manages for the press." Maddox said.


The Phillies have three more games with the Cubs before going to Montreal for a three game weekend series that could determine the division winner. Montreal, which defeated St. Louis Monday night on a three-run pinch-homer by John Tamargo in the ninth inning, plays the Cardinals twice more before hosting the Phillies.


An error on a perfect doubleplay ball by reliever Dickie Noles set up two unearned runs for Chicago in the 15th. One scored on a sacrifice fly and another on Carlos Lezcano's double.


The Phillies appeared beaten and about to fall 1½ games behind Montreal.


But Smith started the bottom of the 15th with a walk. Pete Rose also walked, and both advanced on a wild pitch. Smith scored on a ground out, Rose taking third.


Mike Schmidt popped up for the second out, but Maddox singled to center, scoring Rose and tying the game 5-5. Moreland followed with a single and Bowa walked, loading the bases for Tnllo's single to center.


"It was the biggest hit of my career." said Tnllo. We got to stay close to Montreal."


Rose, who drove in the first three Phillies' runs, two in the third with a double and another in the seventh on a ground out, said the Phillies scored those 15th inning runs when it looked as if they were dead.


"These are the kind of games that win and lose division titles." said the 39-year-old first baseman, who has been in a slump most of September.


Rose almost felt the heat of the purge. Green considered resting the veteran, but thought better of it.


"I don't worry about the lineup." said Rose. "I was reading today (Monday) where I should be on the bench too. It's easy to point the finger this time of year at a guy who is 2 for 20. But this game is played on a 162 game season. "We've only played 156."


Green's voice was hoarse and the manager had some trouble talking.


"That's having our backs against the wall." Green rasped. "It (Tnllo's hit) certainly was a big hit for a game at this time. We really needed it. Maybe this clutch hitting will be the catalyst to get us over the hump. Something has to jar us out of it."


It will be rookie Marty Bystrom against Lynn McGlothen tonight.

Thoughts Of MVP Award Crossing Schmidt's Mind


by the Associated Press


PHILADELPHIA (AP)— This last week of the 1980 baseball season has a double meaning to Michael Jack Schmidt.


The 31-vear-old Philadelphia Phillies' third baseman not only has a chance to be on a division «inner, but he also has his first crack at the National League Most Valuable Player award.


Schmidt admits the MVP opportunity has crossed his mind.


While he's concentrating on trying to bring the Phillies home a winner in the National League East, Schmidt was quite willing to speak about his chances at the prize individual award.


"I realize I've got a chance. I'm not ignorant to that fact. I'm having a pretty fair year." Schmidt said in his matter-of-fact manner.


Schmidt, who has won his league's Gold Glove for third basemen four consecutive years, is having his best offensive season in the eight years he's been in the major leagues.


At last glance, he led the league in home runs, RBI, total bases and slugging average.


"This team has a chance to win a National League pennant and the MVP award usually goes to a guy on the winning team. I think I'm one of the contenders for that title." Schmidt said.


"It would be the greatest honor of my life." said the oft-booed 203-pound infielder.


Schmidt said he was aware of the other Phillies who could be considered MVP candidates, naming Bake McBnde, Steve Carlton and Manny Tnllo.


"Maybe we ought to cut it up in four or five pieces and spread it around," Schmidt quipped.


Schmidt has always been one of baseball's premier power hitters. His big problem has been a .255 lifetime batting average.


That's the big difference this year. He's hitting 25 points above his career norm. What has accounted for this newfound consistence?


"I've adapted a style of hitting that has made me a straightaway hitter," Schmidt explained.


"I don't rely anymore on just pulling the ball. I hit the inside pitch to center and right center field." Schmidt noted.


He credited this new approach to standing further away from the plate.


"This gives me more time to wait on the ball and spray it to different fields."' Schmidt said. "I've given up crowding the plate with a big bat and trying to pull everything."


He also claimed a new mental aspect


"This has enabled me not to get down on myself after a couple of bad games." said Schmidt, who is past years has been prone to go into prolonged slumps.


"I'm less vulnerable to those long, dry spells." Schmidt said. "I'm a more disciplined hitter than I've ever been. I'm more relaxed. I've gone up there in other years tense and nervous and trying too hard."


Schmidt has made his usual quota of fine plays at third, although he describes his defense this year as just average.


Philadelphia manager Dallas Green thinks Schmidt has an excellent chance to win the MVP award if he finishes the season strong.


"He certainly can throw the necessary statistics at you, and his value to the team is no contest," said Green.


"These ingredients add up to MVP in my mind." said the Phillies' manager.


Green's only criticism of his third baseman was the manager's feeling that Schmidt doesn't practice intensively enough.


Schmidt disagreed with Green on this subject.


"I trink I'm a dedicated ballplayer. People don't know how dedicated I am. 1 work hard enough ... you know, you can practice yourself to death." said Schmidt.


Schmidt said he believes Carlton is without question the Phillies' most valuable player, but that the pitcher should be honored with the Cy Young Award.


"I think the MVP was designed for an everyday player." Schmidt said.