Reading Eagle - October 28, 1980

Jeane Dixon Turns Out To Be Phillie Prophet


SportopicS by John W. Smith


Phillies’ fans who believe in the prophetic powers of Jeane Dixon were heartened on the day of the opening game of the World Series when she announced that “I get very strong vibes and they all point to the Phillies.”


She was visiting in Philadelphia at the time, but she denied that the location had anything to do with it.  “I have other vibes pointing to Kansas City, but they are a few years ahead – 1983, 1984 and 1985,” she said.


At any rate, Jeane proved a much more accurate prophet than the vast majority of the neutral press covering the World Series, who favored the Royals.


Perhaps the Phillies now feel about Dixon at least the way one critic once expressed it:  “I don’t believe she can predict the future, but if she told me not to take a certain airplane, I sure wouldn’t.”


Daily Horoscopes


Jeane issues daily horoscopes for the nation, based of course one one’s birthdate.  She has some interesting ones for Saturday, Oct. 18, the day of the fourth World Series game.


For that day, her horoscope said for George Brett (who had been sidelined with hemorrhoids):  “An opportunity thought lost forever now reappears.”


For Dallas Green, who watched his Series lead vanish:  “Dreams are fine, but eventually reality must be faced.”


For Larry Christenson, who was bombed in the first inning:  “Someone with a keen wit is the best company now.”


So it was decided to check on the various horoscopes which she issues for last Tuesday, the final game of the World Series.  Here they are in abridged form:


Final-Game Predictions


Aries (Pete Rose, who made that dramatic catch in the ninth inning after the ball unexpectedly popped out of Boone’s glove) – “Your spirits rise following a loved one’s surprise.”


Taurus (Keith Moreland, who profited so much from working with Boone this year) – “You make great strides forward as the result of a very special partnership.  Money may be involved.”


Gemini (K.C. Manager Jim Frey, the object of much second-guessing) – “You may need a respite from relative’s questions.”


Cancer (Marty Bystrom, the future pitching ace) – “Today’s financial developments will have excellent long-term results.”


Leo (Dallas Green) – “Younger person will have a major role in shared success.”


Virgo (Garry Maddox, who had his differences with Green but was hugging him) – “Overcome a possible communication problem by pouring on the charm.”


Libra (Mike Schmidt, the Series MVP, who insisted others deserved to share the award) – “Your enthusiasm is contagious now.  Saying the right thing at the right moment gives a new dimension.”


Scorpio (Bob Boone, who kept Carlton and McGraw throwing fastballs) – “Know your work priorities and stick to proven methods.”


Sagittarius (Larry Bowa, who counteracted the fans’ boos by leading the team in hits in the Series and setting a record for starting double plays) – “Snap into action and deal with immediate concerns.  Do what you can to foster a friendship.”


Capricorn (Steve Carlton, who hid in the training room during the entire victory celebration) – “Search for new partners, allies outside your usual circle.”


Aquarius (G.M. Paul Owens, who would be involved in any possible job change by Green) – “Co-worker may feel threatened by changes.  Refuse to be rattled by rumors.  Let others decide when an announcement should be made.”


That covers every sign but Pisces.  There were no Pisces on the Phillies’ team or coaching staff.  Too bad.  That horoscope was very fitting for everyone who was in the locker room after the game:


“The work scene is apt to be quite crowded today.”