Doylestown Daily Intelligencer - October 17, 1980

Brett Expected Back in Lineup for Third Game


By United Press International


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) - George Brett is expected to be back in the lineup for the Kansas City Royals tonight for the third game of the World Series after undergoing a minor operation Thursday to remove an external hemorrhoid.


Brett. forced to remove himself from Wednesday night's 6-4 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies after six innings because of extreme discomfort, had the hemorrhoid lanced by Dr. John Heryer. a local proctologist.


"In simple terms what George had was a blood clot in an external hemorrhoid. We took the clot out and relieved the pressure and pain." said Dr. Heryer.


His pain is considerably less, “said Dr. Heryer.”At the present time we plan that George will be able to play. I'm sure he will not be at his peak. Running and sliding will probably irritate it but it won't cause him any permanent damage."


Although Brett's condition has been relieved, neither Dr. Meyer nor Dr. Heryer would guarantee that the problem wouldn't reoccur in the future.


"There are no guarantees in medicine," said Dr. Heryer. "He has a full set of hemorrhoids." added Dr. Heryer. "We removed only the one that was causing him discomfort. But I don't foresee right now an operation after the season to do a complete removal."


There had been some speculation that the stress Brett endured over the last six weeks of the season in his quest to hit .400 Caused the condition. But Dr. Heryer said there were many reasons why people suffer from hemorrhoids.


"Stress, exercise and diet are all reasons and it can even be hereditary," said Dr. Heryer. "There is no one thing at fault."


Although Brett has been suffering from hemorrhoids since the American League playoff series with the New York Yankees, they haven't stopped him from performing at a peak level. His three-run homer off New York's Rich Gossage won the pennant for the Royals last. Friday night and in the two games of the World Series he has collected three hits in seven at-bats and been robbed of another hit.


Before removing himself from Wednesday night's game, Brett had two hits and a walk off left-hander Steve Carlton. During the regular season Brett missed 45 games with an assortment of injuries but still managed to bat .390, the highest average compiled in the major leagues since Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox batted .406 in 1941.

Green's 'Bench' Use Has Paid Dividends


By United Press International


KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UPI) - One of Dallas Green's projects upon starting his first full season as the Philadelphia Phillies' manager was to involve all his players in the game.


Just because someone didn't start every game or pitch every fourth day. Green reasoned, was no reason for the player to believe he couldn't help.


The philosophy succeeded wonderfully during the regular season with youngsters like Bob Walk. Marty Bystrom. Keith Moreland and others playing key roles.


With the World Series headed toward Game 3 and the Phils holding a 2-0 edge over the Kansas City Royals. Green's reserves keep producing. "Our bench has done a good job all year and that's why we're here," said Del Unser, whose pinch double keyed a four-run eighth inning that gave Philadelphia a 6-4 victory in Game 2.


"When you don't play every day like Greg Gross, myself and Keith Moreland you just try to contribute as much as you can every time you go on the field. Our contributions are magnified because we don'tplay that much."


Center fielder Garry Maddox praised the work of the reserves.


"We've gotten key hits from the guys on the bench." Maddox said and third baseman Mike Schmidt described Unser in particular as "unreal."


"I'm not unreal," said Unser. "I just managed to get a couple of hits at key times."


Gross, whose bunt single helped Philadelphia clinch the division, says none of the Phillies will let down despite the two-game advantage.


"Not at all," he said. "Against Montreal we won a game and nearly let it get away and against Houston we won the first game and then nearly let it get away.


"We're not gonna' get overconfident, especially in their ballpark."


Moreland. who got the first hit of the game as the designated hitter for Philadelphia and later singled in an insurance run, said he can easily live with his season role as a backup to catcher Bob Boone.


"We just get the bench into it." said Moreland.


"The guys who are not in the game start screaming. If we win it, I'll be so happy I might just retire. Hell, I'm only a kid. I don't think I'll ever quit.


Some of the Phillies have not been as fortunate as Unser, Gross and Moreland- George Vukovich, John Vukovich, Ramon Aviles, Kevin Saucier and Dickie Noles have all remained inactive during the Series so far. They may get their chance Friday night, but until then, they wait.


"My role this year has been pinch hitter a little defense," said George Vukovich. "In the World Series I'm going to be seldom used. You wanna' be there but there are times when you got to remember who's playing before you are.


"It's just a little less satisfying to not be playing.


Judging by early performance in the Series, Unser will continue to appear. Like Gross, he believes the Phillies will keep going agressively against Kansas City.


"I think the lead is only going to pump us up more," he said. "We've been playing catch up all year long and we've never really had any kind of cushion the entire summer. We're just going to to play it one pitch at a time. We've already forgotten about our two wins."